New Educational Resources Available to Four Million Post-9/11 Veterans

In Partnership With the Schultz Family Foundation, PsychArmor Institute Developed Free Online Courses to Simplify the Transition Process for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families

August 28, 2019

SEATTLE (August 28, 2019) – PsychArmor Institute ( launched a new course portfolio, "Transitioning Service Members & Their Families," to provide service members and veterans with the information, tools, and resources needed to be successful in today’s workforce and in the community.

According to the Pew Research Center, 44% of post-9/11 veterans reported that their readjustment to civilian life was difficult. With approximately 200,000 service members leaving the military every year and returning to civilian life, transition support is an urgent priority. A 2018 Veterans Affairs report highlighted the unmet needs of transitioning members, noting that no single agency has the resources or tools to support all former service members.

Without the structure provided by the military, veterans may experience difficulties in translating their diverse, unique skills to civilian careers. Resources like the new PsychArmor Institute videos—which are aligned to the strategic priorities of the Department of Labor, Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Defense—help veterans more easily access the support available to them.

“Every transition is unique—and there’s no one right way to do it,” said Tina Atherall, CEO of PsychArmor Institute. “These courses provide service members and their families with the foundation and resources they need to successfully navigate their own transitions.”

Supported by the Schultz Family Foundation, this series of 13 videos covers topics from building an effective transition plan to resume writing. Each course is presented in a visual, engaging style by experienced veterans, business and philanthropy leaders, and subject matter experts—including former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, General Pete Chiarelli of the U.S. Army, and Howard Schultz, co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation and former CEO of Starbucks.

“The transition school portfolio represents the collaboration and dedication of senior leaders across private, public and philanthropic sectors. Together, our goal is to ensure that service members can build on their military experience as they transition to their next mission,” said Daniel Pitasky, executive director of the Schultz Family Foundation. “We are proud to partner with organizations like PsychArmor Institute to provide tools and resources for service members and their families that can help ease the transition to civilian life. It’s good for everyone—including our communities and our businesses.”

The PsychArmor Institute transition school courses—available anytime for free online—support and expand on resources offered locally and nationally by federal agencies. The portfolio contains the following courses:

  1. What You Should Know About Transition – Dr. Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense & Howard Schultz, co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation and former CEO of Starbucks
  2. How to Build a Successful Transition Plan – General Pete Chiarelli, U.S. Army (Ret.)
  3. Preparing Your Finances for Transition – Harriet Dominique, USAA Educational Foundation
  4. Making Connections and Networking – Captain Florent Groberg, U.S. Army (Ret.), Medal of Honor recipient
  5. Telling Your Story – David Vobora, Adaptive Training Foundation
  6. Understanding and Utilizing Your Educational Benefits – Honorable Patrick Murphy, former Under Secretary of the Army & former Congressman
  7. Choosing a College and Major – Dr. Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense & Jared Lyon, Student Veterans of America
  8. The Job Search – Howard Schultz, co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation and former CEO of Starbucks & General Carol Eggert (Ret.), Comcast NBCUniversal
  9. Creating Resumes and Cover Letters – Matt Miller, formerly of Department of Labor VETS
  10. Interviewing – General Gary Profit (Ret.), Walmart
  11. Understanding the VA for You and Your Family – Wendy Torres, Veterans Affairs, Veterans Benefits Administration
  12. Accessing Healthcare – Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy, former Congressman & founder of the Kennedy Forum
  13. Seeking Support – Dr. Keita Franklin, formerly of Veterans Affairs, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

These online, flexible learning opportunities are designed to be compatible with the changing demographics of the military. The post-9/11 cohort of veterans is the youngest and most racially diverse, with more women than any other period of military history. While these new resources help meet the needs of those transitioning from active duty, courses such as “telling your story” can provide valuable information for any veteran seeking civilian employment.

PsychArmor Institute provides resources to more than 6 million veterans, service members, military family members, employers, healthcare providers, nonprofit leaders, and others who work with the military community.

About PsychArmor Institute

PsychArmor Institute, a national non-profit, provides critical resources to Americans so they can effectively engage with and support military service members, veterans, and their families across our nation. They fulfill this mission by producing online training videos—delivered by national subject matter experts on a cutting-edge educational platform. Unlike any other online education provider, they have a support and resource center that provides follow-up coaching to learners to reinforce the skills and knowledge provided in the courses. Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors and individual donors, PsychArmor is able to provide these resources at no cost to the learner. Visit for more information.

About Schultz Family Foundation

The Schultz Family Foundation, established in 1996 by Sheri and Howard Schultz, aims to unlock America’s potential, one individual and one community at a time. By investing in innovative, scalable solutions and partnerships, the Foundation works to close the growing opportunity gap. The Foundation focuses its efforts on two communities with enormous promise: the 4.5 million youth and young adults aged between 16 and 24 who are out of school and out of work, and the 3.8 million post-9/11 veterans and approximately 200,000 service members who transition from active, National Guard, or Reserve duty to civilian life each year. The focus of the foundation’s veterans initiative is to ensure successful transitions from military service to civilian life. Visit for more information.


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