We are witnessing a fundamental breakdown of the American Dream, where division, hate and exclusion have replaced respect, mobility and compassion.

We must all ask ourselves: Will we allow one’s place in life to be determined by the zip code of one’s birth? Will we turn our backs on those who have served our country yet find decent work out of reach? Will we settle for an America where only a few have access to first starts and a fair shot?

We all share the same dreams—to love and be loved, to find and pursue our purpose and to provide for our families. Yet, we are living in an America where potential is within all of us, but opportunity may be out of reach.

The Schultz Family Foundation is committed to lifting the human spirit and bringing possibility to everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or station in life. We see our nation’s challenges, but we also see solutions. If we work together to unlock potential across our communities, we can build a nation that lives up to its promise.

Truth. Innovation.


To see with compassion.

To lead with conscience.

To act with purpose.

To see with compassion.

The Schultz Family Foundation’s mission is to create greater opportunity, accessible to all. Our work is deeply rooted in the lives and values of our co-founders, Sheri and Howard Schultz, who believe talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. We seek to apply the lessons they have learned over the decades to seed innovations and scale solutions to help young people successfully navigate the transition to adulthood and positively impact the trajectory of their lives. We are investors in unleashing potential and unlocking opportunity, working in partnership with employers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and governments that share our aspiration of enabling everyone to access the full promise of America.

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