Hurricane Dorian Relief: Letter From Schultz Family Foundation

Schultz Family Foundation
September 11, 2019

Hurricane Dorian recently devastated the northwestern Bahamas and the South Atlantic coast, leaving a growing humanitarian crisis in the affected regions. Over 76,000 people in the Bahamas are currently without housing and 50 people are confirmed dead, though local newspapers are reporting numbers in the thousands. With cellular service and the electrical grid knocked out by the storm, families are left in the dark, with no way of reaching loved ones.

The damage from the storm is immeasurable, but there are many organizations on-the-ground that are dedicated to helping rebuild and restore these communities. As you look for ways to help, we wanted to share the organizations we are supporting at the Schultz Family Foundation. Our hope is that this will inspire others to give to and support the organizations aiding those in need.

Immediate Relief for Hurricane Victims

  • Direct Relief: Direct Relief is coordinating with the Bahamian Ministry of Health to deliver medicines and emergency medical supplies to health facilities in communities impacted by Hurricane Dorian.
  • Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund: Currently, the fund is helping hurricane survivors access food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. The fund will transition to support longer term recovery efforts—run by vetted local organizations—once immediate needs from the disaster are stabilized.
  • Mercy Corps: Mercy Corps is committing to reaching 3,000 families around the Bahamas with basic survival supplies including mosquito nets, chlorine tablets to purify water, tarps, rope, and solar lanterns.
  • World Central Kitchen: Founded by Chef Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen served nearly 4 million meals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and is working in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico to deliver 20,000 meals a day to evacuees and first responders in shelters.


  • SBP: SBP is a national disaster and recovery organization created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They’re beginning the recovery efforts in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, focusing initially on schools, hospitals, and homes.
  • Team Rubicon: Team Rubicon’s teams are currently on the ground in the Bahamas to stabilize the situation, conduct expedient home repairs and “muck-outs,” and monitor for/prevent disease outbreaks. They’re focused on critical clean-up and clearing roads so that aid can more quickly get to communities in need.

Animal Recovery

  • has started working with partners on the ground to deliver life-saving supplies for humans and pets. So far, they have shipped 500 crates for pre-storm evacuations of adoptable pets and for relief flights after the storm.
  • Humane Society of the United States: The Emergency Animal Rescue Fund’s team coordinated evacuations of shelters in the path of Dorian in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Additionally, they are placing animals in foster or forever homes in the northeastern United States.
  • Wings of Rescue: Wings of Rescue is a donation-based charity flying endangered pets from disaster areas to shelters in safe. Founded in 2012, Wings of Rescue has a squadron of volunteer pilots flying rescue missions in their own planes as well as a fleet of chartered cargo planes.

We are encouraged by the combined energy and resolve of the organizations supporting the relief effort, and it is with great humility that we send our thoughts of hope and recovery to the communities impacted by the hurricane.


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