Giovana Espejo

program officer

Giovana Espejo is a program officer at the Schultz Family Foundation where she works to advance opportunities for young adults to access, forge, and sustain pathways to thrive into adulthood. 

Prior to joining the Foundation, Giovana worked at a variety of youth-development and education focused organizations where she worked alongside young people and communities to support their transition to college and careers.  As a young adult, Giovana was surrounded by a community of loved ones and educators who encouraged her inquisitive nature and her pursuits of far-flung enrichment opportunities.  These opportunities provided her with the door into communities of privilege, which served as her catalyst to prioritize inclusion and equity through opportunity and ignited a passion for working with and in service of young people and historically marginalized communities.

Giovana graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she began her career advocating and working to advance opportunities for young adults as a member of the Campus Y – Center for Social Justice and Latinx Ed. She was selected as a National Urban Fellow and earned a Master of Policy Management from Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy.

Outside of office, you’ll find Giovana planning her next adventure, testing out new recipes, and starting (sometimes completing) knitting and cross stitch projects.

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