Our Approach

  1. On-base and accessible before exiting the military. Active duty service members who will be leaving the military within six months can participate in the program. Veterans and spouses can access the program anytime.
  2. Direct to Employment. Service members may choose to leverage their military skills and experience and go straight to job-matching.
  3. Skills Assessment and Career Counseling. Staff work with program participants to assess their military skills and experience and suggest civilian career paths.
  4. Training and Certification. Program participants can pursue free training and certification that will help them secure civilian jobs.
  5. Employer Connection. Onward to Opportunity works closely with military-friendly employers to connect them to program graduates and to ensure the program is aligned with the needs of the job market.

Get Trained

Listed here are a few ways to learn about and access the Onward to Opportunity program.

Get Involved

Listed here are a few ways for employers, partners or those who want to support Onward to Opportunity to get involved.

Mubota Watson
Onward to Opportunity | Joint Base San Antonio Program Coordinator

E6 Staff Sergeant, Army, Military Intelligence
SERVICE: 21 years

Mubota Watson was “terrified” when he began planning his transition out of the Army in 2014. He was an accomplished staff sergeant with experience as a military intelligence instructor, but he had spent most of his adult life in the military and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next.

The hands-on approach and individualized feedback he received from O2O changed things. He benefited from guidance he received on crafting his resume, preparing for interviews, and developing his personal ‘brand’ which helped him land a position. “They helped me not look at myself as this crusty old soldier who didn’t have anything to offer.”

"Onward to Opportunity was so helpful – we’re talking interview preparation, developing your elevator pitch, helping to brand yourself. These are the things that helped me to transition successfully. I would tell anybody (transitioning) it’s a great program…Even if on the surface it looks like a lot, once you get involved in the different networks and the different course work, etc – it offers a lot."

Gina Chang Evans
Onward to Opportunity | Systems Applications and Products Developer | Accenture

Staff Sergeant, Army
SERVICE: 15 years

Gina Chang Evans was enjoying life in the military when she suffered a painful back injury while deployed to Iraq in 2016. Suddenly she was facing retirement. And because of her injury, she would not be able to continue working as a medical laboratory specialist. “What the Army trained me for suddenly wasn’t going to be a good fit,” she said. The O2O program helped her adjust to her new reality, and the field orientation sessions energized her about a new career path in computer technology. “It completely opened up a passion I didn’t know I had,” she said.

After completing her IT training and certification, Gina accepted a full-time position as a Systems Applications and Products developer with Accenture.

"I didn't have it in me to go to career fairs. Onward to Opportunity taught me how to get out there and just talk and network."

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