Partners we are supporting in this work include:

Hire Heroes USA
The Hire Heroes USA investment will broaden the reach and impact of their Junior Enlisted Program, increasing the resources and staffing for additional scale. Hire Heroes USA will leverage their one-on-one career coaching, resume development, mentorship, and placement model to empower young veterans to obtain careers that meet their professional goals and financial needs.

USO's Pathfinder Transition Program
Funding will offer direct coaching and support to junior enlisted service members, and, through an integrated technology solution, seamlessly refer service members to partners to assist with job placement, skills enhancement, etc. Through this work, USO will be able to assess where the transition process is serving junior enlisted members effectively, to identify gaps and to share insights with key stakeholders.
This investment will enable to expand its focus on junior enlisted and the young veteran population using its proven job placement delivery model. will help junior enlisted transitioning service members identify a career path, connect how their skills and qualifications apply to their chosen career path, present gaps in skills and qualifications, and assist with job placement.

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families
The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) investment supports Onward to Opportunity (O2O), which provides end-to-end support for training, professional certifications, and job placement for transitioning service members, with a goal to increase supports tailored for young veterans.

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