Working Together

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative has a number of moving parts that include a dynamic group of employers, community organizations, city governments, and other funders.

  • Employer Learning Community: Sharing learning and best practices for youth recruiting and retention strategies.
  • Demonstration Cities: The initiative brings together local government, employers, and community organizations to support young people across the country.
  • Opportunity Hiring Fairs: Thousands of young people attend fairs in demonstration cities and a lot of them walk away with job offers in hand. They get the help they need to prepare and the chance to interview.

Additional Support

The Schultz Family Foundation supports two other important parts of the initiative.

  • Ongoing Hiring Programs: Beyond the fairs, we support local community organizations that help young people in their job search.
  • Digital Scale: In 2018, we piloted, the first digital hiring platform designed specifically for Opportunity Youth.
  • Virtual Hiring: In 2018, the Foundation and held the first-of-its-kind National Youth Hiring Day, a national virtual hiring fair.

100,000 Opportunities Initiative

With millions of job openings in the country, employers are looking to hire strong talent. Answering that call, The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative™ connects employers with the employees they need.

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Lashay, Dallas - Walgreens

Lashay told us in Dallas she thinks about her new Walgreens job as a first step towards her career. And she feels strongly about the misperceptions some people have about young people and work.

"I feel like some people think just because we’re young we can’t be well focused, but we really can be – it depends on the person. Young people can be successful, they just need a little push to get them to where they need to be."

Christian, DC - Nordstrom

Christian is motivation and confidence personified. He heard about the D.C. Opportunity Fair late but got himself there and went straight into interviews with companies he wanted to work for. He received a job offer from Nordstrom and couldn’t be happier.

When asked what advice he had for other young people, he said:

"You’ve got to jump out there and just try. Even if you don’t have confidence, you’ve got to build that. It’s all about believing in yourself and knowing you can go get something. You’re only stopping yourself if you don’t go do it yourself."

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