To serve those who make a living serving others, we partnered with #allinseattle, Seattle Foundation, UpTogether, and a coalition of restaurants, foundations, and individuals, to launch #ThePlateFund, an initiative that’s providing immediate, one-time payments of $500 to the most impacted restaurant-industry workers in King County. For many, these payments helped “bridge the gap” between the time they received their last paychecks and when they received government support. For others, this may be the only money they received.

Since launch, over 3,200 donors have helped #ThePlateFund raise $7.9 million to provide 15,800 restaurant and service-industry workers in King County with immediate financial relief.

With the generosity of the community, those hardest-hit by COVID-19 are receiving crucial assistance, as two-thirds of #ThePlateFund recipients live in a ZIP code classified as economically distressed by King County.

To ensure that assistance continues to get to the most vulnerable and hardest hit communities, #ThePlateFund has formed partnerships with El Centro de la Raza, Falis Community Service and Asian Counseling and Referral Service. Each organization is helping direct payments to affected workers within their respective networks, including those who may be undocumented or unbanked, and may not be eligible for government assistance.

As of Sunday, April 26,

all relief assistance is available exclusively through our community partners or using codes that applicants receive from their employers or former employers. This will allow us to continue to focus on reaching people who are in the greatest need, including those who may not be eligible for government assistance due to immigration status or other issues.

We want to thank all of #ThePlateFund partners for their contributions, which have brought relief to thousands in need.

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